Harmony Sky Blue Headscarf Front View

Harmony Head Scarf – Sky Blue


Large, soft, rectangular sky blue head scarf.  Easy to tie, hair band included.

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Product Description

We have chosen the Harmony headscarf for those days when you just want an easy to wear head covering that is soft and elegant and easy to put on.

This large rectangular headscarf is so simple to wear.  Just fold the scarf in half length ways, place over your head, and tie at the back in a pony tail using the band supplied.

We have sourced these over-sized headscarves to ensure there is a generous amount of fabric to ensure maximum head coverage and to avoid gaps appearing once the scarf is tied.  However, if the amount of fabric in the tail of the scarf is too long, just pull less fabric through the band on your second or third pull through, creating a more voluminous look.

If you would like a more padded look, or for extra warmth, try wearing the head scarf over the top of one of our sleep hats.

If sky blue isn’t your colour we have 4 other colours available in the range: NavyBurnt OrangePink, and Red.

If you think that the Harmony headscarf may have too much fabric for you but you like the idea of a headscarf solution, then maybe one of our Scarf Hats would suit you better.  These incorporate a chiffon scarf into a jersey cotton sleep hat to ensure the scarf remains in place, with no slippage, throughout the day.  They also have the benefit of holding the scarf in place whilst you tie it, which can be invaluable to those who have never worn, or tied a headscarf before.  Please view our complete Scarf Hat range here.

We are committed to supporting local and national cancer charities that help cancer sufferers through their treatment and work on prevention as well as a cure.  To this end we donate a percentage from the sale of every item to a different cancer charity each quarter.


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