Fraya Cancer Head Scarf



This wonderfully soft mocha hat comes with an attractive, integrated, abstract patterned chiffon and satin striped scarf, in brown, cream, gold and pink multi-tonal colours. 

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Product Description

We have designed this cancer head scarf because we know that everyone has their own unique style. To this end we have created a chemotherapy hat with a delicate, abstract patterned, chiffon and satin striped scarf, in brown, cream, gold and pink multi-tonal colours, attached to it.  Now you can create a variety of styles by simply slipping on the hat and tying the scarf in various ways.  We have generated a few different looks to get you going which are shown in the thumbnail pictures on this page.
No one wants their scarf to slip, and this can often happen when a scarf is applied directly to the head.  To ensure the scarf does not slip we have integrated the scarf into the hat so that once, the hat is put on the head you can take your time tying the scarf without it moving around on your head.  For the days when your chemotherapy treatment drains your energy, this hat will provide a simple and easy way of giving you numerous styles without being too cumbersome to manage.  Most cancer patients find that losing their hair means losing their style and individuality, with this hat and scarf combination you can boost your confidence and carry the seasons colour trends through to your headwear.
If you would like guidance on ideas of how to tie your cancer head scarf please visit our page how to tie a head scarf.
If you are feeling the cold at night you might also like to take a look at our Sleep Hats page.
We aim to provide you with great value items that are stylish and comfortable as well as giving back to charities that help cancer sufferers through their treatment and work on prevention as well as a cure.  To this end we pledge to donate a percentage from the sale of every hat to a cancer charity each month.

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