About Us

In 2008 a close family relative was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Following major surgery, and facing an aggressive regime of chemotherapy, we planned ahead to find suitable hats and scarves for the inevitable hair loss. We searched the high street and internet to find a retailer selling not only comfortable headwear but also something stylish. Chemo hats and chemo scarves should be easy to use, made of natural fabrics that do not irritate the skin. For this reason, a lot of head scarves and hats that are available on the high street are unsuitable. 

Chemotherapy Headwear was born out of frustration, anger but overall a great deal of passion to ensure that this did not happen to other cancer patients suffering hair loss. It is the company belief that cancer patients undergo enough stress during their treatment, and simple things such as finding suitable headcovers to take them through chemotherapy should not add to this stress.

We also believe that all people have the basic right to feel beautiful, we hope we have helped all our customers re-gain self confidence through using our products. Losing your hair does not mean you lose your style.